The perfect System

Martello offers a complete coordinated system, including Martello capsule machines and Martello capsules. This is the prerequisite for the preparation of a perfect espresso, lungo, cappuccino or another delightful coffee. The freshly ground coffee is packed into the capsule within seconds, and hermetically sealed. This provides optimum protection for more than 900 different flavours, and guarantees that your coffee treat is always fresh. Thanks to the airtight capsule, the aromas are protected inside the capsule for at least 18 months. The simple operation and the consistent coffee aroma will impress you.


Our new, capsule, which has multiple patents, is extremely strong. It is made of a special high-tech plastic that has the ability to retain the aroma inside the capsule and prevent air from penetrating into it. Through a combination of the specially designed capsule and our Martello capsule machines, the coffee’s characteristic aromas are extracted in a perfectly coordinated system, with optimum water flow.​

The Coffee

Only a good initial product can produce the best possible flavour in the cup. That is why our selection begins with the best raw materials. In tropical rainforest regions on the equator; the fruits of the popular Arabica and Robusta beans are hand-picked using the “picking” method. The coffee berries that are harvested fresh in the jungle are spread out on nets, turned regularly and sun-dried. The hull of the fruit is then mechanically separated from the coffee berry, leaving the coffee bean. The optimal blend is selected from these coffee beans, and roasted individually for each coffee type. We apply years of experience when creating our intensely enjoyable coffees for your pleasure.

UTZ & Fairtrade

We attach great importance to sustainability. Most of our coffees are UTZ certified, and selected coffees are Fairtrade certified. Both certificates ensure that the cultivation in the coffee plantations is traceably sustainable, that social criteria are defined for farm employees, and that environmental compatibility and efficient cultivation methods are strictly observed.


All of the Martello machines are equipped with a patented extraction system. In order to give the coffee its full aroma, all of the individual components have been optimally developed and calculated, e.g. 20 bars of pump pressure, boiler, temperature sensor, etc. The easy operation is another advantage, if you want to enjoy a coffee break more often.


In cooperation with our suppliers, we have joined the voluntary, international Foreign Trade Association (FTA)/Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and are committed to this cause:

  • Ban on child labour
  • Ban on forced labour and disciplinary measures
  • Ban on discrimination of any kind
  • Humane working hours and regulation of overtime
  • Measures for health and safety in the workplace
  • Wages that comply with the statutory minimum wages or applicable industry standards
  • Freedom of assembly and the right to collective bargaining
  • Consideration of environmental and safety issues


In accordance with the strict IFS (International Food Standard) requirements for the production of foodstuffs, we ensure that the freshly roasted coffee, with all of its aromas, is sealed inside our newly developed capsule, within the shortest possible time. We guarantee this at our production site in Switzerland, thereby ensuring optimum quality with typical Swiss precision.

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