Fairtrade Project

Our help toward self-help

I. Farm Visits

To ensure fair working conditions and a high quality of life, we attach great importance to personal visits to the farms. Our Fairtrade project supports more than 12,500 farming families.

II. Harvest

In tropical rainforest regions at the equator, the fruits of the popular Arabica and Robusta beans are harvested by hand, by means of the “picking” method.

III. Drying

The coffee berries that are harvested fresh in the jungle are spread out on nets, turned regularly and sun-dried.

IV. Hulling

The hull of the fruit is then mechanically separated from the coffee berry, leaving the coffee bean.

V. Selection

Any bad coffee beans are separated from the good beans by hand.

VI. Storage

Thereafter, the coffees are packed into jute bags and stored before being transported to our factory in Europe by sea.

VII. Help toward self-help

The quality of life of our farmers has improved demonstrably over time. Wooden huts have become mud huts, the children in the families are better cared for, and much more.

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