JASMINE tea - 10 pods
JASMINE tea - 10 pods
JASMINE tea - 10 pods


JASMINE tea - 10 pods

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Discover the tasty Martello jasmine tea in the capsule. This fine green tea enchants with its delicate floral taste and the fragrant aroma of jasmine. Enriched with real jasmine flowers, this tea offers a unique taste experience.

Simply insert the capsule into your Martello machine, press the button and enjoy your perfect jasmine tea in seconds - with Martello, your partner for outstanding tea enjoyment.

The perfect system

Martello offers a complete, coordinated system with Martello capsule machines and Martello capsules. This is the prerequisite for preparing a perfect espresso, lungo, cappuccino, tea, etc.

The freshly ground coffee or carefully selected tea is packed into the capsule and hermetically sealed in a matter of seconds. This ensures that the diverse aromas are optimally protected and guarantees that you can always enjoy fresh coffee and tea. Thanks to the airtight capsule, the flavors are protected in the capsule for at least 18 months.

The simple operation and the always consistent aroma, whether coffee or tea, will delight you.


Our new, multi-patented capsule is extremely stable and consists of a special high-tech plastic that has the ability to retain both coffee and tea flavors in the capsule and prevent air from entering.

Through a combination of the specially designed capsule in conjunction with our Martello capsule machines, the aromas characteristic of coffee and tea are extracted in the optimal water flow as a perfectly coordinated system.


Only a good starting product can ultimately result in an optimal taste in the cup. Our selection therefore begins with the best raw materials. In different climate zones around the world, the leaves and buds of our tea varieties are harvested by hand using the “picking” method.

The freshly harvested tea leaves are then carefully spread out, turned regularly and sun-dried. Depending on the type of tea, it is then fermented or dried directly with the help of machines, and what is left is the finished tea leaf. The optimal mix is selected from these tea leaves and prepared individually for each type of tea with years of experience in order to create an enjoyable and intense tea for you.