SMART starter set black
SMART starter set black
SMART starter set black
SMART starter set black
SMART starter set black
SMART starter set black


SMART starter set black

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Your coffee dream will come true! We have created the ultimate bundle for everyone who is looking for the perfect introduction to coffee paradise. Not only do you get our highly sought-after coffee machine, but also a careful selection of our best-selling capsules.

What can you expect in this bundle?

 La Notte Siciliana: A blend reminiscent of a Sicilian night - smooth and seductive.
 Cafe Grande Lungo: For those who prefer a prolonged coffee experience, this blend offers a balanced and harmonious aroma.
 Intensivo: An energetic start the day, strong and invigorating.
 Gourmet Gold: A golden moment of enjoyment that makes gourmet hearts beat faster.
 Crema Gusto: A creamy dream that makes every sip a tasteful experience.

Included in the bundle:

  • Our premium coffee machine: Modern design meets maximum functionality so that you can conjure up the best coffee from every capsule.
  • Total 100 Premium Capsules: Featuring two packs of each of our most popular flavors.

Why this bundle is perfect for you:

🎉 Unbeatable price: You can get this complete set for an incredible 39,99 €! Quality and quantity at a price you won't find anywhere else.
🏡 Perfect for home: Create your own café experience in your own four walls.
💡 All-in-one solution: Whether for yourself or as a gift, this set contains everything you need for the ultimate coffee experience.

The highlights of our coffee machine:

  • 20 bar pump pressure: For the perfect espresso experience.
  • 1,400W power: Fast heating and constant brewing temperature.
  • 0.75 l fresh water tank: Enough capacity for numerous coffee moments.
  • Removable drip tray: For easy cleaning.
  • Foldable draining rack: Suitable for large and small cups.
  • Automatic switch-off function: Energy efficiency at a glance.
  • Programmable automatic cup system: Choose between espresso and Café Lungo – exactly to your taste.

Grab this offer while stocks last! The combination of our top coffee machine and the best-selling capsules is not only a taste experience, but also an unbeatable offer. Don't wait any longer and get your coffee upgrade now!

It's more than just coffee - it's passion and enjoyment in one package.

    The perfect system

    Martello offers a complete, coordinated system with Martello capsule machines and Martello capsules. This is the prerequisite for preparing a perfect espresso, lungo, cappuccino, tea, etc.

    The freshly ground coffee or carefully selected tea is packed into the capsule and hermetically sealed in a matter of seconds. This ensures that the diverse aromas are optimally protected and guarantees that you can always enjoy fresh coffee and tea. Thanks to the airtight capsule, the flavors are protected in the capsule for at least 18 months.


    Our new, multi-patented capsule is extremely stable and consists of a special high-tech plastic that has the ability to retain aromas in the capsule and prevent air from entering.

    Through a combination of the specially designed capsule in conjunction with our Martello capsule machines, the aromas characteristic of the coffee are extracted in the optimal water flow as a perfectly coordinated system.​

    The Coffee

    Only a good starting product can ultimately result in an optimal taste in the cup. Our selection therefore begins with the best raw materials. In tropical rainforest regions at the equator level, the fruits of the popular Arabica and Robusta beans are plowed by hand using the “picking” method.

    The coffee cherries, freshly harvested in the jungle, are spread out on the net, turned regularly and sun-dried. The fruit skin is then separated from the coffee cherry by machine, and what remains is the coffee bean. The optimal mix is selected from these coffee beans and roasted individually for each type of coffee using years of experience in order to create an enjoyable and intense coffee for you.